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Luggage Continuous Vertical Conveyors

NERAK Luggage Continuous Vertical Conveyors are the solution to elevate or lower luggage, luggage totes and other travel items from one level to another in a high speed and high capacity operation. NERAK Airport conveyors operate in many applications throughout the world as a space saving and efficient element of the airport and seaport infrastructure.

NERAK Luggage Vertical Lifts are the solution if you want to change floors, pass over a drive way or elevate to your conveyors on a mezzanine floor or below the ceiling.

Automatically loading Carrying Platforms transport the items continuously horizontal-vertical-horizontal without stopping the Conveyor.

Continuous Vertical Conveyors are also known in the Industry as S-Shaped Conveyors, Box Lifters and Vertical Lift Units.

NERAK Luggage Continuous Vertical Conveyors are available as Z-Type models which can convey up to 50 items per min. The actual possible capacity depends on the size of the item conveyed. Item loads can range from under 1lb to over 200lbs!

The conveyors can be used for upward direction, downward direction and combined upward and downward direction. The Vertical Lifts can be as high as 100 feet.

The small footprint compared to incline conveyors or spiral type conveyors save valuable floor space.

NERAK Vertical Lifts are available in many sizes to match your product dimensions and minimize the space needed for the conveyor. Every Vertical Conveyor is designed to fit. Made from standardized sections we will match your on site requirements for each conveyor.

NERAK Luggage Continuous Vertical Conveyors are specially designed and tested for high demanding luggage operations. Our special platform design and internal cladding ensures flawless transfer of conveyed luggage. It prevents catching of loose luggage items such as handles, strings and alike and guarantees that no luggage is lost during transport.

Platforms for luggage are specially designed with no gaps to ensure a tangle free transport of every piece of luggage. All platforms ensure a smooth, stable and gentle transport of items. The platforms are attached on each corner to Rubber Chains. The platforms flex in one direction only to be able to bring the platform back in a space saving way and on the other hand to make a stiff flat surface to carry the product.

NERAK Rubber Chains with enclosed high-tensile steel cable are the driving and transporting members without wear points requiring lubrication or maintenance. Operation is silent and clean. Different Rubber compounds are available to provide the right chain for your conveying environment. Click here for more information on NERAK Rubber Chains.
NERAK Vertical Conveyors have lower Power requirements, and less needs for servicing and maintenance compared to conventional conveying systems.

Feeding the conveyed material onto the platform is a feed conveyor located in front of the Continuous Vertical Conveyors. The feed conveyor starts and stops automatically to feed the platforms on the Vertical Lift. Belt Conveyors are the usual choice for luggage they can be supplied by NERAK or the Customer. A cascading (offset height) transfer ensures that the luggage transfers damage free.

Discharging the NERAK Continuous Vertical Conveyor is very simple. The platform transfers without stopping onto any running conveyor for continued transport. A cascading (offset height) transfer ensures that the luggage transfers damage free.

Casings are available as Extruded Aluminum Profiles Frames, Welded and Painted Tubular Carbon Steel Frames, Welded Tubular Stainless Steel Frames and Welded Tubular Stainless Steel Frames for Food Applications for easy cleaning. Carbon Steel casings can be powder coated, or being painted with an Enamel or Epoxy Paint. Stainless Steel casings can be provided in different qualities, like 403 and 316 and in a surface quality of your choice.
The cladding can be made of perforated Aluminum Sheets, Steel Sheets or Clear Plastic Sheets. They protect your conveyor, your product and ensure a safe work environment. Aluminum Sheets or Clear Plastic Sheets are perfect to monitor your conveyor at all time.

All NERAK Continuous Vertical Conveyors are equipped with generously dimensioned servicing and monitoring openings and removable covers for servicing access.

Special designs for Preexisting Building Lift Shafts are available as well.

Most NERAK Continuous Vertical Conveyors come ready assembled for convenient on site set up and time saving during installation.

Many Options are available for customer's choice, Zero/Under Speed Sensor, Level and Chain Monitoring Sensors, Current Limiters and Control Panels as well as different types of feed and discharge conveyors and other equipment.



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