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The NERAK Rubber Chain

Rubber Chains by Nerak systems

NERAK Rubber Chains are the heart of every NERAK Conveyor.  Rubber is molded around pre-stretched high tensile steel cables in a high pressure vulcanizing process. Chemical bonding between internal hi-tensile steel cable tension members and the precision molded rubber chain ensures exceptional strength.
NERAK Rubber Chains are molded in different sizes and compounds, to ensure the right rubber chain for the right application.

Stretch Free - There is virtually no stretch during the lifetime of the chains since the internal steel cables are pre stretched prior to incorporation in the chain molding process. Both chains in a conveyor maintain matching chain length for their lifetime, ensuring constant horizontal bucket or conveyor platform mounting at all times.

Link Free - NERAK Rubber Chains are the perfect driving member for any application. Unlike steel link chains and other driving elements they do not stretch due to links wearing.

Lubrication Free - Rubber Chains need no lubrication, perfect for dusty products and food applications! It also keeps your conveyor free of lubricants.

Abrasion Resistant – Rubber Chains withstand the most abrasive products.  The elastic surface of the chains allow abrasive material impact to be absorbed without wear, a common problem with either metal or plastic chains!

Clean - The smooth surface can be easily cleaned with air or water if necessary! Since there is no need for lubrication the Rubber Chains stay clean!

Corrosion Free - NERAK Rubber Chains are used in the most severe operating conditions, as an example in rubber extrusion cooling lines where the belts are continuously submerged in water. The powerful bond between the rubber and inner steel cables ensures total corrosion free operation and long service life.

Exceptional Strength – The use of hi-tensile Steel cables ensures the exceptional strength of the Rubber Chains compared to steel conveyor chains and far exceeding those of plastic link chains.

Maintenance Free - Because there are no wear points and all actions are flex actions, NERAK Rubber chains provide a maintenance free driving and transport system that does not need any lubrication.

Compounds - NERAK Rubber Chains are available molded in many different rubber compounds to ensure the best performance of our conveyors matching the needs of your products in the environment of your facility.

Temperatures - No matter if you operate in a freezer storage facility or in a hot temperature environment. NERAK has the right rubber chain for your environment.

Connections - NERAK Rubber Chains can be supplied with vulcanized endless connections (for the highest possible strength), hinged connections or without connections.

Quality - All NERAK Rubber Chains are manufactured in our own specialized rubber plant. Quality control is applied throughout the manufacturing process to ensure consistent product quality enabling us to supply the best rubber chains to our customers.

Custom Applications – NERAK Systems also supplies rubber chains to the industry for applications in the specialty machinery industry, for vehicle track chains, for specialty conveyors and other uses.
Please contact us to discuss your application or for more information about NERAK Rubber Chains.

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Rubber Chains

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