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Experts in Conveyor Equipment Design and Installation

NERAK designs and manufactures the world’s most advanced vertical conveyor solutions for unit
loads and bulk materials. We are proud to call some of the largest and most recognized companies
in the United States and worldwide our clients.

NERAK conveyors service a wide array of industries and products, from food, raw ingredients, and chemicals to airports and distribution centers.

NERAK offers superior technology and construction for efficient, reliable, cost-effective
operations for even for the most complex belt conveying challenges.

Tough … NERAK’s vertical conveyor systems are built to be durable enough to provide trouble-free and quiet operations even when handling highly abrasive and destructive materials.

And gentle … NERAK conveyors are ideal for both gentle and contamination-free material feeding
and discharge, such as for foods, hazardous products, and products subject to segregation.

NERAK saves conveyor equipment customers:

  • Money: NERAK conveyor equipment provides superior return on investment (ROI). The highly efficient design and manufacturing process reduces initial capital investment; lower maintenance costs minimize annual outlays.
  • Product: NERAK conveyors minimize spillage and grinding and, therefore, lost product.
  • Time: NERAK is an OEM; clients deal directly with our engineers and support teams.
  • Maintenance downtime: NERAK’s heavy-duty rubber block chains are virtually maintenance free and require no lubrication; the instance of a breakage is rare.
  • Space: Greater design flexibility allows for a smaller footprint and greater maneuverability for
    all of NERAK’s commercial conveyors—including our bucket conveyors and belt conveyors.

NERAK maintains the highest quality-control standards throughout every stage of design, fabrication, assembly, and testing. We offer custom built conveyor solutions to provide superior long-lasting operation, even under the most challenging temperatures and environmental conditions.

We stand behind our conveyor operations and equipment and are committed to providing excellent Customer Service & Support. Should you ever need parts, maintenance, or service, NERAK can provide everything you need quickly.

At NERAK, vertical conveyors are all we do. Contact us and let us create a cost-effective, long-lasting conveyor solution for your business.

The drive system of every NERAK conveyor is the heavy duty rubber block chain which derives its high tensile strength from embedded vulcanized steel cables.

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At the heart of every NERAK conveyor are the quiet, stretch-free Rubber Block Chains
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