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The unique properties of NERAK bucket conveyors make them suitable for conveying a variety of products with diverse handling problems. The use of our bucket conveyors in the recycling industry ensures proper transport of materials such as glass, crushed aluminum and other ground products. Typically, our conveyors are used to convey materials to storage silos for load out.  Clean bucket discharge allows precise product metering, while dust-tight and gas-tight installations ensure operator, plant and environmental safety.

At the heart of all our conveying systems are the heavy duty NERAK rubber block chains.
The rubber outer layer is bonded to high tensile flexible steel cables in a high pressure vulcanizing process. Even in the most arduous of operating conditions, such as when used in an extruded rubber cooling line where the belts are continuously submerged in water, this powerful bond between the rubber and inner steel cables ensures total corrosion-free operation and long service life.