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NERAK Rubber Block Chains are the heart of every NERAK conveyor.

Rubber is molded around pre-stressed high tensile steel cables in a high pressure vulcanizing process. Chemical bonding between these steel cables and the specially mixed raw rubber compound ensures exceptional durability, strength and longevity.

NERAK offers a variety of different chains for a diverse range of applications and a large number of materials to be conveyed.


NERAK Rubber Block Chains are manufactured in different sizes and rubber compounds to supply the right Rubber Block Chain for the application.

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Stretch Free

Featuring pre-stressed internal steel cables, NERAK Rubber Block Chains are virtually stretch-free. They maintain the chain length for their lifetime and ensure consistent bucket or platform spacing.

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Lubrication Free

NERAK Rubber Block Chains require no lubrication, making them perfect for dusty products and food applications, keeping your conveyed products and conveyor clean.

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Abrasion Resistant

Rubber Block Chains withstand the most abrasive products, unlike metal and plastic chains. The elastic surface of the chains allow the impact of abrasive materials to be absorbed without wear.

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The smooth surface of the Rubber Block Chains can easily be cleaned with air or water. Lubricant free operation prevents dirt and conveyed product sticking to them.

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Corrosion Free

NERAK Rubber Block Chains can be used in the most severe operating conditions, including submerged in water in rubber-extruding cooling lines. The powerful bond between the rubber and inner steel cables and endless design ensures a corrosion-free operation and a long service life.

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NERAK Rubber Block Chains provide a maintenance-free drive and transport system that does not need any lubrication or frequent re-tensioning.

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Exceptional Strength

High-tensile steel cables ensure the exceptional strength of the Rubber Block Chains.

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NERAK Rubber Block Chains come in many different rubber compounds to ensure the best performance of our conveyors in your specific environment and application.

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Whether you’re running a freezer storage facility or a high-temperature iron casting environment, NERAK has the right Rubber Block Chain for your operation.

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NERAK Rubber Block Chains are available as vulcanized endless connections for the highest possible strength and corrosion protection, and hinged connections for easiest service.

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All NERAK Rubber Block Chains are manufactured in our own specialized rubber plant, ensuring high standards and consistent product quality and enabling us to supply the best Rubber Block Chains to our customers.

Please contact us to discuss your application or for more information about NERAK Rubber Block Chains.

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