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Vertical Reciprocating Lifts (VRC's)

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Our reciprocating lifts are designed to elevate and lower boxes, containers, trays, packages, bags, barrels, kegs, pallets and other articles in multi-level applications.

With less need for servicing and maintenance compared with many conventional conveying lifts, NERAK reciprocating lifts can be used for both upward and downward motion as high as 120 ft, although actual capacity depends on the size of the item conveyed and the vertical distance to be traveled. Item loads can range from under 1 lb. to 5,500 lbs.

Configurations with multiple carrier conveyors (e.g. side-by-side or on top of each other) are available.

Conveyor Sections

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Carrying frames with belt, roller or chain conveyor for NERAK reciprocating lifts come in different styles to fit individual project requirements, designed specifically for your product. All carrying frames ensure smooth, stable, and gentle transport. The lift carriages are attached to either one or two Rubber Block Chains. Plastic-coated rollers ensure silent, smooth, and secure vertical motion. The conveyor can be one-directional, two-, or three-directional.

NERAK VRC's are available in many types to match your product dimensions and minimize the space requirement. The small footprint compared to incline conveyors or spiral type conveyors saves valuable floor space. Uniquely engineered designs for preexisting building shafts are available as well. Every lift is designed to fit.

Casings are available as extruded aluminum profile frames, welded and painted tubular carbon steel frames, welded tubular stainless steel frames, and welded tubular stainless steel frames for food applications for easy cleaning. Carbon steel casings can be powder-coated or painted with enamel or epoxy paint, and stainless steel casings can be provided in different qualities, such as 304 and 316.

NERAK PH LifterSafety cladding can be made of perforated aluminum sheets, steel sheets, clear plastic sheets, or safety glass. They protect your lift and product, and ensure a safe work environment. Perforated aluminum sheets, clear plastic sheets and safety glass are perfect to monitor your conveyor at all times.

All NERAK reciprocating lifts are equipped with generously dimensioned service and monitoring openings, and have removable covers for maintenance access.

NERAK reciprocating lifts conveyors in come pre-assembled segments ready for installation.

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