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Distribution centers and warehouse facilities utilize the NERAK line of lifts and vertical conveyors. NERAK offers conveyors that transport your products between levels gently and at high speeds. Packaged or unpackaged products, equal or varied sizes, rigid or smooth shaped - NERAK conveyors deliver high performance for each application. Configurations are available in C, Z and other shapes.

NERAK Rubber Chains are the heart of every NERAK Conveyor. Heavy duty rubber is molded around prestressed high tensile steel cables in a high-pressure vulcanizing process.  Chemical bonding between internal high-tensile steel cable tension members and the precision molded rubber chain ensures exceptional strength.  NERAK Rubber Chains are molded in different sizes and compounds, to ensure the right rubber chain for the right application.  NERAK Vertical conveyors can be built to heights of over 100 ft.


  • High tensile strength eliminates stretching
  • Virtually no maintenance and corrosive-free
  • Clean: lubrication not required
  • Quiet: with operating dB (A) level around 65
  • Life expectancy between 6 to 12 years depending upon environment, product, and clearning