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Circulating Conveyors

NERAK's vertical circulating conveyors using the paternoster principle are designed for applications where continuous random loading and unloading at multiple levels with high capacity is required, allowing separate loading and unloading on each floor.


Height up to 90 ft, loads up to 120 lbs., capacity up to 1,200 items per hour. 

Circulating conveyors are available in two models:

For articles of different size or shapes, such as various carton sizes

For identically-sized articles like standard totes

NERAK circulating conveyors will be designed to match your product dimensions and minimize the required footprint.

NERAK circulating conveyors can move up to twenty units per minute and are used at mail order distribution centers, postal and warehouse distribution applications as well as multi-level libraries. Item loads can range from under 1 lb. to 120 lbs. and can be built as high as 90 ft.

Conveyor Sections


Carriers are usually fork-type platforms that carry the product. Attached to two Rubber Block Chains, these platforms ensure the smooth, stable, and gentle transport of items over the entire conveyor.

NERAK Rubber Block Chains with high-tensile steel cable inside serve as lubrication- and maintenance-free driving and transporting members for vertical circulating conveyors, offering both quiet and clean long-term operation. Different rubber compounds are available to make the right chain for your conveyor environment.

Retractable feed conveyers feed material on the upward side of the conveyor and discharge on the downward side, ensuring a clean and smooth transfer from the horizontal conveyor to the vertical conveying platform. The feed conveyor starts and stops automatically as needed.

Casings are available in both welded painted tubular carbon steel frames and in welded tubular stainless steel frames for easy cleaning. Carbon steel casings can be powder-coated or painted with an enamel or epoxy paint.

The cladding can be made of perforated aluminum sheets or steel sheets. They protect your conveyor and your product, and ensure a safe work environment.

All NERAK circulating vertical conveyors are equipped with both large servicing & monitoring openings as well as removable covers for maintenance.

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