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NERAK Systems continuous vertical airport conveyors are the space-saving solution for baggage-handling systems. Airports across the globe depend on NERAK for high capacity, reliable operation with a minimal footprint. Our airport conveyors feature the smooth-running NERAK Rubber Block Chain. Our baggage systems run quietly and lubrication-free, making them highly suitable for operation near passenger check-in areas.

NERAK vertical baggage handling systems are available in two models:

NERAK Baggage Handling CVC

Continuous Vertical Conveyors (CVC)

Baggage Handling Systems - Ideal for the transport of either loose luggage or trays and ICS between two levels, for example, from check-in to sorting. NERAK CVC airport conveyors occupy 75% less space than spiral systems and 90% less space than inclining belt conveyors. Our unique design ensures reliable transport of all types of baggage, including backpacks, computer bags, and hardcover suitcases –  all at capacities of up to 1,400 units/hour and heights up to 130 feet (40 meters).


NERAK Baggage Handling VRC

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors (VRC)

Baggage Handling Systems - For space-saving and efficient vertical luggage transport in a multi-level facility, the lightweight design allows for high speeds and lower energy needs. Plus, the reduced force on the guiding wheels minimizes wear, lowering both maintenance and operational costs.