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We very much appreciate NERAK Systems customer feedback. Pleased by performance, customer service, and quality of our products read what our customers have to say about us in our conveyor system testimonials.

"We have increased our production from 400 tons per year to 2,000 tons per year. Nerak’s bucket conveyors have provided us with the ability to handle this increase efficiently and without any major issues. Anytime we have had any issues Nerak has been there to provide the support and solutions to our issues. We will continue to purchase Nerak bucket conveyors as we grow."  

-Cassidy – Production Process Engineer

"Nerak’s parts department and customer service have always been able to expedite what we order and provide us with what we need to keep our processing line running. Your parts and customer service is excellent. We run 24/7 and depend on our vendors to help us when something goes wrong and we need answers and parts. I know that when I call the parts department I will get what I need."  

-Paul – Maintenance

"I have been with Scientific Design for over 20 years and Neraks bucket conveyors have been the answer to our needs. Prior to Nerak we had used other less expensive bucket conveyors and had nothing but, big headaches. We now use nothing but Nerak conveyors realizing that you get what you pay for."  

-Steve – Plant Facilities Manager

"I have had just a few issues with Nerak’s bucket conveyors but, overall they run well and have very little maintenance. Any issue we have had has always been addressed and fixed fast. Great conveyors!"  

-Brian – Maintenance


“You guys quoted two bucket conveyors for us about two years ago and we went with a competitor. I thought you guys could benefit from knowing that these chain-type conveyors have been a tremendous headache and require a lot of maintenance. In hindsight, the slightly pricier NERAK belt continuous bucket may have been the way to go for our abrasive sand-like application. Warn the others.” 

-Adam Armstrong – Project Engineer


"…I am very pleased with the performance of these conveyors, and have received many compliments on the choice of this equipment. I am, as a courtesy and at the request of some involved; going to forward this to the manufacturer of the platform (…), and the Manufacturer of the stitchers (…) as a group you may find collaboration a benefit on future projects."  

-D.S., Quebecorworld


"…We installed four Nerak bucket elevators in FW in the March to June timeframe in 2004… We would plan in the future to only purchase from Nerak … We are very satisfied with all five of our Nerak bucket elevators."

-D.P., Mother Parker

"...Let me thank you for expediting this order. Peter at L.S. was ecstatic to learn the machine would be there on Friday…Thanks"

-J.A., Air Draulic

"Just a note of thanks for 
(1) Assigning [name of employee] to come to the job site – he was at the site before 7am & he did a very good job. 
(2) Having the equipment to the job site on schedule. 
(3) Making such excellent equipment. I look forward to working with the “NERAK Team” again."

-B.T., for CAPT

"…I was in to see N.A. [of Kobelco] yesterday and we passed by the NERAK Conveyor, I asked him how it was doing. His response: Excellent!" 

-D.H., Nerak Representative visiting Kobelco

                  [Kobelco is replacing Chain type bucket conveyors since 2002 with NERAK Bucket Conveyors]

"..[the] bucket conveyor is running without any problem and personally I’m very happy with this equipment and at the same time I appreciate your attention and patience."

-B.P., Malta Texo

"…It [the bucket elevator] has run well, no issues."  

-M.S., Degussa

At the heart of every NERAK conveyor are the quiet, stretch-free Rubber Block Chains

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