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NERAK Conveyor Systems

NERAK offers an extensive range of conveyor systems. NERAK’s rubber chain conveyors offer outstanding design flexibility along with extreme durability and reliability. Whether your need is bucket conveyors for powder and bulk material handling, unit load vertical conveyors for packaged items, or an industry-specific need such as luggage or pallet conveyance, NERAK has the technology and the experts to custom design your conveyor system.

NERAK custom conveyor systems for powder and bulk material handling

  • Continuous Bucket Conveyors – Specially designed to convey bulk materials from one or more feed points to one discharge point. Conveying paths can be horizontal, vertical, or inclining without any additional transfers. Suitable for all types of loose bulk materials from delicate food products to coarse materials.
  • Pendulum Bucket Conveyors - For the transport of bulk materials from one or more feed points to any number of discharge points via a tilting mechanism. Conveying paths can be horizontal, vertical, or inclining without any additional transfers and are suitable for loose powder and bulk materials from delicate food products to abrasive building materials.

Continuous vertical conveyor systems for packaged items and unit loads

  • Continuous vertical conveyors (CVC) – Available in S and C types for continuous horizontal and vertical transport.  Handles products of different shapes and sizes, such as boxes, pallets, totes, bags, luggage, tires, and magazines. Also available in heavy-load models.
  • Vertical reciprocating conveyors – The classic choice for smaller throughputs that need to be transported between two or more levels. Available in light load and medium-range series, as well as heavy load.
  • Portal lifter – Modified reciprocating lift that operates safely with or without a counterbalance in a smaller footprint.  Multilevel, multidirectional, feeds and discharge up to 450 lbs per unit. 
    Free-standing frame up to 10 ft.
  • Storage/indexing conveyors – Intermittent indexing conveyors with integrated storage function specially designed to transport and stop vertically.
  • Pallet continuous vertical conveyorsCan convey pallets, big bags, and other heavy piece goods vertically at rates up to 400 per hour and weights up to two tons.
  • Circulating conveyors – Continuous vertical handling of unit loads with multiple points. Identical unit load and varying dimensional loading are accommodated with the same design.
  • Fork conveyor – Fork conveyors are just part of the reciprocating conveyors. Completely covered circulating forks transport between multiple fed and discharge points in a heavy-duty frame construction. Several infeed and discharge stations can be incorporated.

Specialty Conveyors

At the heart of every NERAK conveyor are the quiet, stretch-free Rubber Block Chains

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