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The NERAK Rubber Chain—Heavy-Duty Chain Specially Designed for Conveyors

Only NERAK conveyor systems feature the NERAK rubber block chain.  The heavy-duty rubber block chain contains no links and is wear and stretch resistant.

With no need for lubrication or re-tensioning, NERAK rubber block chains are virtually maintenance-free chains.

NERAK conveyor systems offer-long lasting durability and cost efficiency.  Spillage, downtime, and maintenance are all kept to a minimum. As material handling conveyor specialists with more than 25 years of experience, we aim to keep your operating costs down while providing the highest quality conveyors.

  • The rubber chain gets its high tensile strength from embedded steel cables. NERAK’s rubber block chains are built to hold up to even the most abrasive products and challenging environments.
  • No links means no chain stretch. The unique rubber chain enables NERAK to create custom conveyor applications to fit any need in any space.
  • Quiet running heavy-duty chain conveyors. Thanks to the rubber block chain’s quiet operation, there is little noise in nearby work areas.
  • NERAK rubber chains are stretch free due to prestressed steel cables; therefore, NERAK conveyors need no re-tensioning and automatic tensioners.

To find out how NERAK heavy-duty rubber block chain conveyors can benefit your operations, fill out our contact form.

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