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Airport Conveyors

NERAK continuous vertical airport conveyors are the space-saving efficient solution for baggage-handling systems. Airports across the globe depend on NERAK for high capacity, a minimal footprint, reliability, and durability. In addition, because our airport conveyors feature the smooth-running NERAK rubber block chain, our baggage systems run quietly, making them highly suitable for operation near passenger check-in areas.

NERAK vertical baggage handling systems are available in two models:

Continuous Vertical Conveyor (CVC) baggage-handling systems - Ideal for the transport of either loose luggage or trays between two levels, for example from check-in to sorting. NERAK CVC airport conveyors occupy 75% less space than spiral systems and 90% less space than inclining straight conveyor systems. NERAK’s unique design ensures reliable transport of all types of baggage including backpacks, computer bags, and hardcover suitcases—at high capacities, up to 1,400 units/hour, and heights up to 40 meters.

Reciprocating Lifts for baggage handling – For space saving and efficient vertical transport of luggage among several levels. The lightweight belt conveyor design allows for high speeds and lower energy needs. Plus, the reduced force on the guiding wheels minimizes wear and operational costs.


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At the heart of every NERAK conveyor are the quiet, stretch-free Rubber Block Chains

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