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Circulating Conveyors

Circulating conveyors are ideal for high-throughput loading and unloading of goods across multiple levels—operations that are often found at large distribution warehouses and mail order fulfillment centers. NERAK circulating conveyors combine continuous movement via the paternoster principle and NERAK’s rubber block chain. The result: economical and efficient vertical conveying of totes, boxes, trays, and, parcels. Plus, NERAK circulating conveyors can lift up to 1,500 units per hour.

NERAK circulating conveyors are being fed on the way up and discharge on the way down, and are available in two models:

  • Identical unit load circulating conveyors – Uniform platforms are tailored for each system and are loaded and unloaded by pivoting belt conveyors. Platforms are suspended. NERAK rubber block chains run in plastic guide rails for smooth, vibration-free running. Can achieve throughputs up to 1,500 units per hour.
  • Varying dimension load circulating conveyors – Rake-shaped platforms allow items of varying dimensions to be loaded and unloaded by hinged chain conveyors. Otherwise as identical load conveyors.

NERAK continuous movement circulating conveyors are fabricated in welded sections for easy delivery and on-site assembly. Each system is designed to be self-supporting with the conveyor completely enclosed in perforated sheet cladding. Maximum height is 100 feet.

NERAK offers a number of options to customize your vertical lifts. 
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At the heart of every NERAK conveyor are the quiet, stretch-free Rubber Block Chains

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