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CVC Continuous Vertical Conveyors
The NERAK CVC is designed to transport goods both carefully and with speed, handling products of different shapes and sizes without having to presort. Ranging from lightweight designs for food trays to heavier designs for loaded pallets. Both S-type and C-type available. NERAK ensures vibration-free and quiet operation in a continuous high-speed, high-capacity operation. 
  • Low maintenance 
  • Small footprint 
  • Energy efficient (25-30% less energy required than spiral conveying) 
  • Loads up to 5,000 pounds 
  • Full range of industry-tested solutions 
  • Greater lifetime ROI than competing options 

Reciprocating Elevator
While the S-shaped conveyor is suitable for high throughputs, the reciprocating lift is the classic choice for smaller throughputs. This type of lift is available in a number of designs and is used to transport material between two or more levels. Lightweight series (for payloads up to 80 kg/175 lbs) 

The following features make this series particularly cost-effective:
  • Modular design 
  • Lifting is achieved by an individual rubber block chain
  • No counterweight 
  • The aluminum profile frame accommodates not only the drive, idler, and guide units but also the protective cladding of aluminum perforated sheeting  

Medium-range (payloads up to 300 kg/660 lbs) and heavy-duty series (max. payload 2.5 tons/5,500 lbs)  

Portal Lifter
Modified reciprocating lift that operates safely with or without a counterbalance in a smaller footprint. 
Multilevel, multidirectional, feed and discharge up to 450 lbs per unit. Self-supporting frame up to 10 ft.

Storage Elevator
NERAK indexing storage elevators integrate storage function within intermittent indexing conveyors. Our vertical storage lifts have been specially designed to convey packages of up to 50 kg (110lbs), and have numerous applications from warehouse operations to food processing. 

Pallet Elevator
NERAK pallet elevators can convey pallets, big bags, and other heavy piece goods vertically at rates up to 400 per hour and weights up to two tons.

The rubber chains used in these elevators, although larger, still provide the advantages of quiet running, long life, and low maintenance.

Circulating Elevator
In large distribution warehouses and mail order centers, the rapid movement of goods between many floor levels is often required. 

The NERAK circulating vertical conveyor combines the well-proven “paternoster principle” with innovative NERAK rubber chains to provide an economical and technically excellent solution. Plastic totes, boxes, trays, and parcels can be conveyed between floors at up to 1,500 units per hour. There are two options: 
  • Circulating conveyor for identical unit loads (up to 1,500 units/hour) 
  • Circulating conveyors for unit loads of varying dimensions 
The type of conveyor determines the design of the loading and unloading stations and thus the throughput. The self-supporting structure is easily transported and assembled on-site. 

Fork Elevator
Completely covered circulating forks transport between multiple feed and discharge points in a heavy-duty frame construction. This very flexible system uses durable and reliable NERAK rubber chain for circulating speeds up to 1.6 feet per second. The forks convey up to 1,500 items per hour. Competitive pricing provides the highest quality at a reasonable price. Several infeed and discharge stations can be incorporated into one elevator and, with a speed of up to 0.25 meters per second, can provide throughputs of up to 1,500 boxes per hour.

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At the heart of every NERAK conveyor are the quiet, stretch-free Rubber Block Chains
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